Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bill de Blasio Protected Spying on Inmates talking to dept of investigation like he protects Zachary Carter Redacting covering up

Mayor de Blasio Broken Bratton, Ponte Head of Rikers Gone but Zachary Carter Dr Redacto w/ Nursing Home Still Here

So many heads of government agencies are now gone  but the fact Zachary Carter remains this is shocking to me...

I'm just stunned that Zachary Carter was not forced to resign  he has outlasted Bill Bratton, and the head of Rikers Ponte!!!!!

Internal Investigator Is Removed Over Rikers Spying Claim on Dept of Investigation talking to inmates

 I can't believe there's not one arrest on the nursing home and we saw how Bill tried to cover up for Ponte I agree with The New York Times that people are going to look at Bill and his Rikers Island suppose it activism very much like the hospital activism all show no action all talk and that he's just full of crap and the same for him yesterday asking victims of NYPD crimes that he's protecting for $ for his campaign!

I want to get a cyst removed on my elbow and left with a hole in my retina then I was verbally violent and he threatened for by I'm guessing Joe Tacopina if I'm correct that's enough to send him to jail as well as being disbarred misogynist Hate Crimes and the NYPD acted on it and doctored police reports they broke the law they threaten me committed crimes along with my attacker and her friends at the doctors office. 

The city owes me money in damages plus the money I spent pursuing justice and Zachary Carter lied in my case saying that the NYPD acted in their scope just like he testified under oath in front of City Council that he acted within the scope but actually redacting documents that Dept Of investigation asked him for his not acting within your scope it's acting outside the scope to protect wrongdoing! 

It's almost laughable really the Bill de Blasio  ask me for money when the city owes me money and it's like 911 tech corruption what happened to me happened under Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly  there were no arrests 911 tech corruption open stealing it was bigger than CityTime The city only got back $60.5 million on 911 which went over budget over $1 billion it was a hunk of junk just like the payroll system CityTime!! !

Joe Ponte resign but Zachary Carter First!
"His resignation will be seen by some as a tacit admission that Mr. de Blasio’s heralded effort to reimagine and eventually close Rikers, a centerpiece of his political agenda, has stalled months before he stands for re-election. The mayor, in addition to facing a leadership crisis at the Department of Correction, must also contend with persistent violence in the jails and misconduct in the officer ranks."
misogynistnyc: Rikers Island captain caught on video kissing inmate

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