Friday, June 9, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Bill BloomdeBlasio a Big Hypocrite

* Some mayors are regarded as a bastion of progressive politics, but de Blasio – who is driven to his Brooklyn gym from Gracie Mansion – seems to have little understanding of how his self-contradictions and sanctimony erode his authority, the Times reports.

 The only reason he doesn't use a private plane and I helicopter like Mike Bloomberg oh yeah he does he's a helicopter well only reason is not using private plane is he just doesn't have one...

Bill de Blasio Progressively Worse?: Mayor de Blasio Bill BloomdeBlasio a Big Hypocrite

This is de Blasio’s excuse for driving 12 miles to the gym | New York Post

 when it comes to the NYPD committing crimes it's OK it's not his child so no problem but guess what you won't get my vote and other victims of NYPD crimes , family friends  Bill wins he will barely because people are furious with him  specially victims of the NYPD that don't have justice me included  let's Zachary Carter go in and live like he did for nypd harmed  Thabo Sefolosha---but Thabo got a settlement 
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