Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Letter Victims of NYPD Crimes Won't Vote for Bill de Blasio

Brooklyn: Bill de Blasio is a progressive mayor; he’s progressively getting worse. He betrayed my vote. I am a victim of NYPD crimes. How many victims of the NYPD feel like me? We aren’t de Blasio’s son. We won’t vote for him againSuzannah Troy

(FYI Zachary Carter is lying in my case and he redacted document involving the Nursing Home and just like NYPD Internal Affairs thst break laws that he defends and lies for he still employed along with  most everyone involved and corruption at City Hall and One Police Plaza!)

Uncovering the coverup
Brooklyn: I’m not surprised Zachary Carter and crew got caught playing Dr. Redacto on the nursing home scandal. I’ve witnessed his lawyers lie to a federal judge, three appellate judges and a New York Supreme Court justice. I’m just disappointed he and his crew of lawyers’ other dirty work hasn’t been exposed, including protecting NYPD crimes. Carter’s career is over. Which top officials will be joining him, de Blasio or Bratton? Suzannah Troy
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