Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bill de Blasio Stacks City with more workers, NYPD City Council raises City Could go Belly Up Down the Road?

City registers largest number of office workers in history -- Can NYC Gov Pay all their pensions down the road?

There's also a lot of corruption in the city and believe it or not some is connected to the New York pension go figure?

911 Tech option Hewlett-Packard mysteriously gets the contract and surprise they have biggies  
on the New York pension board -  after years of over billing in the living crap they only have to pay back $10.5 million or you kidding me they would lead contractor in there but he's on the New York pension board

NJ 911 Text Option vs NYC 911 ECTP biggest Crime EVER and No Texting Feature

You will not find a technology accounting of tech corruption of started  under Rudy Giuliani - SAIC CityTime and went to a whole new level with 911 under Michael Bloomberg and ourcurrent mayor's nick name BloomdeBlasio.  

 Mayor De Blasio also gave City Council very large raises  I think he would get support for his second term but he may be forced to resign he's already just admitted that he does fixing in favors for friends pull strings.

 City cannot sustain this kind of corruption zero transparency and accountability and the city could go bust down the road.  

Bill de Blasio Stacks City with more workers, NYPD City Council raises City Could go Belly Up Down the Road?

 He's buying votes but you say only needed people like me protecting NYPD crimes he's definitely afraid of the NYPD in catering to them rather than holding them accountable. Even correct Woody Giuliani had a new commission to police corruption we have zero accountability and all the tech contract for the city including NYPD and the pensions we need for accountability and Transparency!

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Mayor Bill de Blasio Admits He Pulls Strings City Agencies including NYPD?


Yeah we know the answer to that!

Amazing they are grilling bill but no grilling of Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg and mega corruption including CityTime -- start with that and 911 under Rudy and Sept 11 and under Bloomberg mega crime 911 bigger than CityTime


Bill de Blasio Progressively Worse?: Mayor de Blasio Pulls Strings City Agencies. #NYPD Fixing my case Bloomberg era http://onetermbill.blogspot.com/2017/02/mayor-bill-de-blasio-admits-he-pulls.html?spref=tw

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault  -- this was fixing and favors under Bloomberg and Ray Kelly and Ray and Ed Winski promoted NYPD Gene Schatz to community affairs -- the first cop I reported to Internal Affairs and years after NYPD crimes a pile up from the doctors to the NYPD -- fixing and favors I found out Schatz is facebook friends party to me being threatened and retaliated against....


I voted for Bill de Blasio because I thought he would take action on my case as well as other NYPD victims seeking Justice....  I was the only one who reported Bill Bratton and NYPD Chief Dowd Hosted FirstNet board meeting at one police plaza before mega scandals broke out 911 and FirstNet both a response to Sept. 11 but whether it is Rudy or Bratton they want to pull up the Brinks truck and like so many others cash in with soft landings etc.

Can we have a full accounting of tech contracts including NYPD tech contracts -- mega scandals and more....the newest is the NYPD body cameras....

Amazing no one has grilled Team Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Peters on 911 etc....

But they have grilled Bill and Volume 3 is the take down.


Bill should be resigning soon?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Brooklyn film biz owner donated to Mayor de Blasio out of fear

Brooklyn film biz owner donated to Mayor de Blasio out of fear - NY Daily News

Exclusive: De Blasio Allegedly Lifted Dangerous Building Vacate Order For A Top Fundraiser


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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Tries to Defebd Children's Horrific Deaths and City's Role

* De Blasio would not commit to banning contributions from people who do business with the city when he launches a legal defense fund to deal with multiple investigations and also wouldn’t say whether he’ll seek guidance from the city Conflicts of Interest Board, the Post reports.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mayor de Blasio The City's Most Vulnerable Children Failed

The beleaguered New York City Administration for Children’s Services has failed to deliver its annual report by the city’s deadline, an oversight mandate created by de Blasio when he was a city councilman, and also failed to release its quarterly report, the Post writes.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

ADA Joan Illuzzi Etan Patz Dirty Dealings like The Killing Department?


Bill de Blasio silent on a mentally ill man that has not been time serial sexually preying on kids and also murdering them - sure sounds like corruption and blaming a man with a 70 IQ that would admit to anything...

#Education Schools #NYC Mayor de Blasio State of City Speech Critized

* While New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s State of the City speech ran more than 8,000 words, just 214 of them were devoted to education, prompting some critics to believe that schools won’t get much attention in his re-election campaign, The New York Times writes.

ADA Joan Illuzzi Etan Patz My Case NYPD 01 Det Squad PO Schatz's FB Photo

Bill de Blasio supposedly champions the mentally ill but not in the Etan Patz's case -- he has zero to say about NYPD crimes my case and Etan Patz case the same detective squad my case committed crimes how about Etan Patz's case?

Bill Bratton taught me turn broken windows on dirty corrupt cops, internal affairs and dirty DAs.