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Bill de Blasio Protects Chokeholds Eric Garner Killed, Bill gives Chokehold Chief Esposito 6 figure Job, O'Neill Chokehold CCRB Scandal

O'Neill pardoned cop accused of using banned chokehold: sources 

Google NYPD Chief Esposito chokehold see the photograph

You  can find photos of the misogynist pepper spray top cop bologna I think his name is also show choke holds both Esposito and him on women!!!!

Bill promotes  misogynist chokehold of women disgusting and de Blasio silent on O'Neill.

Bill de Blasio Hires Choke Hold Chief Esposito and Allows False Arrests of Peaceful Protester Bloomberg KKK Ray all over again
Mark Peters, bill de Blasio  finance campaign guy became head of Dept Of investigation and protected massive crime 911 tech corruption by lying and saying overbilling isn't stealing one it is!

I called his office and he would refer me to internal affairs so he was in on all the corruption!!!

I learned firsthand  Internal Affairs cannot police the police and also investigate Internal Affairs crimes like in my case!!!

Bill de Blasio Progressively Worse? Bill de Blasio I don't care: Bill de Blasio Protects Chokeholds Eric Garner Killed, Bill gives Chokehold Chief Esposito 6 figure Job, O'Neill Chokehold CCRB Scandal

PC O'Neill ok with Eric Garner chokehold? Let's ask him that and a lot more questions including about my case under oath in front of a permanent new commission into police corruption along with Bill Bratton and Ray Kelly!  Eric Garner and I filed pro se lawsuits under Bloomberg and Ray Kelly indictments know Justice, Eric Garner Homicide under Bill de Blasio and corruption is protected despite de Blasio's ad using his Black son. It was all a lie.  Bill de Blasio chose Bratton and O'Neill and like Ray Kelly  many New Yorkers believe they have protected very serious crimes and their policies including in chokeholds are egregious.  We need a permanent new commission into police corruption that televised and posted online because top cops are out of control and the media is under their thumb because the NYPD control press passes!

Chokehold ruling by O'Neill more than shameful.   What a corrupt irresponsible police commissioner who should resign immediately for this, my case and so many other victims of NYPD crimes and abuse and pure stupidity and evil

How many Black men and women not de Blasio's child  how many people all colors  have been killed or like me we are victims of NYPD and Internal Affairs crimes!

Has any mayor rewarded whistleblower for coming forward including NYPD whistleblowers?  The NYPD have ads just like the City of NY DOI dept of investigation to come forward  but you cannot name one whistleblower who's been rewarded even on CityTime!  Internal Affairs  protects  far  more crimes than they actually put forward to prosecute and in my case IA participated in crimes!!!!

All 3 PCs top chiefs including Banks and Lt Gannon, Internal Affairs top officials on down, Zachary Carter, Tony Shorris  have to answer questions about my case under oath in front of a permanent new commission into police corruption.

NYPD Det Vergona and Det Andrew Dwyer Broke Laws w/ Supervisors and Internal Affairs Protection Read On

NYPD Smartphone Scandal Like 911 aka ECTP, Domain Awareness, NYPD Body Cameras Pay to Play NY Pension Scandals too?

 I filed an online complaint against the police commissioner James O'Neill but he fixes complaint numbers just like crime stats he makes them go away he is so unethical and corrupt and in my case it's corruption stupidity and pure evil it's ridiculous and how many other victims like me we don't have justice we have evidence the cops broke laws which is why we need a permanent new commission into police corruption !

NYPD Inspector General an utter  complete rip off and they know it.  The senior woman Investigator invited me to sue her she could care less and they forwarded my case to internal affairs and they won't follow up on my case and how many other victims?

CCRB  is a tiger with no teeth.

CCPC  Commission To Combat Police Corruption is a fake Division inside New York City government that forwards your cases to Internal Affairs to die  and a woman answering the phone for them said they are like McDonald's so I asked them when you see a crime when you're working at McDonald's do you report it or not?

When corrupt NYPD Michael Dowd was working for murderous drug dealer The New York FBI was well aware of this and did nothing along with Internal Affairs  so they were humiliated by Long Island police department that actually arrested him.    The New York FBI was so humiliated along with Internal Affairs Drugs the arranged to allow him out on bail and set him up so they could arrest him to save face.

The Attorney General says to contact your local FBI but let's just face it this is an FBI that somehow missed intelligence on the fact that there was going to be a second terrorist attack at the World Trade Center and they have a cozy relationship with corrupt Internal Affairs  and once Jose when he mows a dirty cop that even try to arrange with his wife to kill a witness to murder a witness in his case was caught the FBI chose to pretend the fixing in favors and corruption was not rampant and systemic.

We need a permanent new commission into police corruption and everyone including Zachary Carter and Catherine Papandrew have to come in and testify under oath why they lied for NYPD Internal Affairs officers that broke the law in my case along with the police commissioners and top brass and Internal Affairs  we need the corruption and wrongdoing televize for the world to see.

Stop NYPD brass are getting lavish gifts kickbacks as contractor steal overbill deliver late and below parcand 911 tech corruption is proof.

The NYPD budget has grown to billions of dollars a year and with it so it's the corruption in ways that are so unbelievable tied to technology contracts and how about the pensions?

 There are no arrests and that could be because the stealing is tied to investments in the pensions and they want to make sure the Stocks don't drop so there's no arrests by DAs or US Attorneys who are also protecting players  and lobbyists that set up these dirty deals.

Eric Garner and I Victim of NYPD IA Crimes under Ray Kelly, Eric Murdered under Bill de Blasio Do Note Vote for Bill de Blasio

It is a tale of two cities and the unbelievable crimes and corruption under Bloomberg and how his predece It is a tale of two cities and the unbelievable crimes and corruption under Bloomberg and Bill. BloomdeBlaio
in both mayors and their police commissioner should answer questions under oath in front of the new commission into police internal affairs DA corruption, why didn't Cy Vance prosecute CityTime and 911 aka ECTP as well as top NYPD taking Graft  as contractors over billed delivered late and delivered crap!!!!  Over 8 million People rely on 911 but NYPD chief Chuck Dowd
with Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi With full  knowledge was taking lavish gifts.

Ray Kelly knew Chief Banks took gifts.  Chief Banks set Eric Garner's homicide in motion and he thinks he can be mayor?  Read up on Chief Marino like all top cops promoted he was fixing crime but he got caught doing meni unethical acts including taking human growth hormone the chief Esposito defends that like his misogynist chokehold hump photo of a woman OWS Prorestor. We have such corruption and inappropriate behavior a misogynist racist corrupt police department out of control with the press that is scared of them because the NYPD control the press passes hence no one picked up the story the New York daily news reporting on police corruption and 91. we have such corruption and inappropriate behavior misogynist racist corrupt police department out of control with the press that is scared of them because the NYPD control the press passes hence no one picked up the story the New York Daily News reported on police corruption and 911!  A huge story still not news and murdering that story and what happens to me make sure that no cops were arrested not  under mayor Bloomberg or Bill de Blasio.

Even with CityTime it's unbelievable that there was not one government employee arrested but how about 911 and top cops that were taking lavish gifts that are endangered our lives with a boondoggle that you cannot even text.   Protecting Mike Bloomberg's legacy and Rose Gill Hearn and dropping the ball and top NYPD Graft is more important than our safety!

Google NYDN NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd read up on him 911 also known as ECTP as well as another scandal FirstNet. I would like all these cops top cops including Ray Kelly  to answer questions under oath about the technology contracts and now O'Neill and gang about the nypd phone scandal, nypd body cams  and why they are protecting NYPD IA crimes in my case promoting cops that broke laws in my case or letting them retire!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Ignoring Residents in East Harlem Rezoning Plan But Christine Quinn Puckers Up

Christine Quinn  consistently out of touch as usual

Christine Quinn consistently out of touch

 as usual but counting $ let's face

 it she knows which way the dough blows

Oligarch Central Oligarch of NY essential 
Know which way the dough blows
and pucker. 
* Former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn endorsed de Blasio, her former rival, for a second term as mayor, noting that he “puts progressive values first” by prioritizing affordable housing, combating homelessness and fighting for federal resources, State of Politics reports.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bill de Blasio Undemocratic Won't face all mayoral candidates Cuomo did

Shame on supposed progressive Bill de Blasio who  clearly fears  the democratic process and tough questions and touch questions by challengers including Bob Gangi the only candidate calling for reforming NYPD corruption racism etc but what we learned Bill de Blasio only cares about his kids and anyone connected, pay to play or both.  He and Al Sharpton don't want you to read Eric Garner's hand written from 8 years ago  so you understand whatever it really meant when he said it stops today!  The media is killing news stories including NYPD  internal Affairs fixing in favors after I was savage the assaulted at an MD's.  Posted loads of evidence police reports video audios and there's no rests just lies including by Zachary Carter who lied and continues to lie in my case and lied in NBA star Thabo Sefolosha's case but he got 2Million dollars I just keep getting lies from Zachary Carter aka Dr Redacto on Bill de Blasio nursing home Scandal.  No arrests maybe NYPD and dirty DAs  too busy false arresting innocent people?

Bloomberg gave us a fleet of tax payer titanics 911 aka ECTP, 311 etc but don't forget technology cost a bundle to fill in dots and scan your vote  which plenty of us believe are not counted anyway!

 Bill de Blasio  going to be shocked at how many people won't vote for him because he betrayed our votes  he's protected NYPD crimes!  He is a coward to afraid to answer hard questions!

Like Eric Garner I filed a pro se lawsuit  under Bloomberg Ray Kelly reign of lies and voted for de Blasio who put PCs that appointed Chief Reznick as head of Internal Affairs. Bratton and O'Neill knew Reznick  was named in a lawsuit by an NYPD whistleblower  calling whistleblower a rat!!!!

Bill de Blasio and Bratton taught me turn Broken Windows back on the NYPD and  The oligarchs to New York and players that on the cops like cheap candy and get fixing in favors from them!

I call de Blasio BloomdeBlasio!

The City owes me  another victims of NYPD and Internal Affairs Crimes owe us settlements apologies  years of interest for covering up years of crimes.   Bloomberg de Blasio Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Bratton , O'Neill and the Oligarchs of NY, dirty DAs like Charles Hynes and Cy Vance confident they can break laws or be party to crimes and control the narrative the NYPD control press passes there in for shocks when films like Spotlight come out and books like Flash Boys  already a bestseller that excoriates and expose Cy Vance  wait for an updated version Oscar award winning film!!!!

Cy Vance is a racist, misogynist dirty DA and no one running against him and media bosses silence critics NYS NYC pay to play.

De Blasio face all the candidates. Cuomo did but de Blasio too scared.


Comment on City and State.

Even Cuomo opened up the debate but not de Blasio who is progressive, progressively worse pay to play mayor protected by a pay to play DA.

Bill de Blasio and wife were supposed to be advocates for the mentally ill but I don't hear them complaining about the NYPD killing how many mentally ill people --- the NYPD shot to kill and talking about mentally ill how about new psychological evaluations for the NYPD because the Cannibal cop, Internal Affairs Capt Wright, Intelligence Division Detective bodyguard for Bloomberg Leopoldo McLean, Infamous NYPD Ramos of the Bronx, Diaz's NYPD daughter key incident threat not fired, the many NYPD Rape Cops including Moreno, Pena, pedophile NYPD busted, gun trafficker, drug traffickers, my case coercion lying in DD5s also known as police reports fabricating, involved in threats to me, 1800 NYPD Fix-it favors etc all passed the psych evals  and clearly they should not have and I suggest lie detector tests before people even go to the police academy once applications are submitted.

NYPD jumped on People like Eric Garner who wasn't running away  and we have seen no video evidence of any crime he committed but you have to read his hand written lawsuit from eight years ago understand what "it stops today" REALLY mean!  NBA Star Thabo Sefolsha another victim of NYPD jumping on him a broken leg no apologies just applies for prosecution by dirty DA Cy Vance and Zachary Carter Dr Redacto  when he isn't busy redacting documents he's lying for the NYPD!  Akai Gurley not Bill's son.  Bill isn't asking you to read Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit.

NYPD cannot control press passes!!!!

Wake Up!

 Don't vote for de Blasio he betrayed our votes.  We aren't his son.  He is afraid to debate everyone except Sal who won't  Challenge him on NYPD killing mentally ill The fact we need a new permanent commission into NYPD, Internal Affairs, DA, Corp Counsel corruption!!!!!!!!

Mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly Campisi covered up NYPD IA crimes and so is de Blasio Bratton and O'Neill and  there rat  calling head of Internal Affairs Reznick!!!!

 How can you have a head of Internal Affairs call an NYPD whistleblower a rat unless you don't want anyone to blow the whistle which is clearly with James O'Neill and Bill Bratton are about protecting NYPD crimes including Ray Kelly, Campisi and NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd 911 tech scandal aka ECTP the city is in terrible shape on all fronts  too many children being murdered how was the city protecting children?

De Blasio  wasn't arrested because the people investigating him or depending on pay play themselves?

Mayor de Blasio and Four Top Aides Hiding Wrong Doing Private Emails?

* New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and four top aides often used personal email accounts to conduct city business – in some instances violating city guidelines – according to a new document from the city’s Department of Investigation, The New York Times reports.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Letter Victims of NYPD Crimes Won't Vote for Bill de Blasio

Brooklyn: Bill de Blasio is a progressive mayor; he’s progressively getting worse. He betrayed my vote. I am a victim of NYPD crimes. How many victims of the NYPD feel like me? We aren’t de Blasio’s son. We won’t vote for him againSuzannah Troy

(FYI Zachary Carter is lying in my case and he redacted document involving the Nursing Home and just like NYPD Internal Affairs thst break laws that he defends and lies for he still employed along with  most everyone involved and corruption at City Hall and One Police Plaza!)

Uncovering the coverup
Brooklyn: I’m not surprised Zachary Carter and crew got caught playing Dr. Redacto on the nursing home scandal. I’ve witnessed his lawyers lie to a federal judge, three appellate judges and a New York Supreme Court justice. I’m just disappointed he and his crew of lawyers’ other dirty work hasn’t been exposed, including protecting NYPD crimes. Carter’s career is over. Which top officials will be joining him, de Blasio or Bratton? Suzannah Troy
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