Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One Term Bill de Blasio Approved Shameful Raise Making City Council Rich as City's poor poorer

Bill de Blasio closing Riker's unrealistic but giving City Council massive raise is?

* In what critics see as an attempt at downplaying the move, Mayor Bill de Blasio tucked a notice into the City Record on Friday announcing he would sign a bill that guarantees raises for the New York City Council, the Daily News reports:

Melissa robbed A townhouse designated as affordable was clearly meant for long term African-American family that they could be an owner in their neighborhood and set up a renter and she robbed whoever  Matt family should've been and she uses it to make $100,000 a year in rent which she didn't even report to City Council and now she's trying to broker a race that City Council should not get 

True News (@unitedNYblogs)
@suzannahbtroy City's Conflict of Interest Board Also Let Council Speaker Get Away With A Small Fine for the Advance Group Illegal Help

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