Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It is it for de Blasio but Scott Stringer is worse ?

It is it for de Blasio but Scott Stringer is worse ?

New York City officials lifted deed restrictions on Rivington House, a Lower East Side health clinic now slated to become condos, based on an appraisal that valued it at $65 million, about half of what the city sold it for, the Journal reports: http://goo.gl/KMErmY
* A lawyer representing de Blasio’s 2013 campaign has canceled a cocktail reception to raise money for the mayor’s 2017 re-election bid, according to an email reviewed by the Journal: http://goo.gl/0avJvn

Stringer got the Feds  to go after de Blasio but  somehow sets refuse to look at Scott Stringer brokering the most corrupt criminal deal on the history of New York City government -  having Hewlett Packard payback only $10.5 million  and as soon as he became comptroller a job he's not qualified for he remove John Lui's  rest release from the New York city comptroller website calling for criminal investigation of 911 Lui  called citytime 2. 

 Stringer was already getting fixing and favors or exploiting his relationship or power with the police department  getting them to drive his wife around which he is  not supposed to do. 

 Neither should be mayor -  we just don't have decent honest candidates who representation in the please department is completely corrupt  and the DAs are dirty Cy Flash Boys Vance the dirtiest in the shortest amount of time.

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