Saturday, September 10, 2016

Erica Garner KOs mayor de Blasio

The Slumbering giant awakens.  Finally, The New York Times covers de Blasio from a critical standpoint.  

The Erica Garner tweet gets a PG rating retelling, but it still comes across, because there's no forgetting Erica Garner's choice of words.  That Tweet was the most brutal takedown ever -- precisely bc it was the truth.  

This article makes clear de Blasio's back is on the ropes.  And this article doesn't even mention the Federal corruption investigations.  Could it be possible that Erica Garner KO's de Blasio before Preet ?   Is that how much anger de Blasio has created ?


No way that de Blasio will come out of this with his reputation intact. 

Comment above Louis Flores, activists

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