Monday, November 14, 2016

Bill de Blasio 1 Term Mayor Uses Fear of Trump to ask for $3 Donation for Mayoral re-election

bernie Sanders set a whole lot of records and one was asking people lots and lots and lots of people for a little bit of money but it's not gonna work with bill de Blasio but that didn't stop them from trying sending out a mass email to people about Trump and fear and then said hey you want to help me fight then donate three dollars to my mayoral campaign

 I voted for de Blasio and I thought he would do something about NYPD crimes and then said he acts like the NYPD your blackmailing them like they have the goods on him and his family and he did nothing except it got worse with Zachary Carter sending employers to lie and lie and lie actually just like Bloomberg's predecessor but under this mayor it's even worse for people who are victims of NYPD crimes and are suing and want justice

I voted for de Blasio.  Never again. De Blasio and NYPD Jimmy O'Neill  Pack your bags you're both not wanted  including by the NYPD

Cy Vance, his corrupt ADAs and Zachary Carter must resign.

Mayor de Blasio has spent 5 million tax dollars  on his legal problems which to me indicates he's got a lot to hide.

My case Google Dr Fagelman assault 1800 NYPD fix it NYPD app tracker 

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