Friday, May 26, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Employee arrested for child pornography like NYPD

De Blasio employee arrested for child pornography | New York Post

Child porno sicko dad rich lawyer
Arthur Schwartz also had his own brush with the law in 2015, when he was busted for removing hidden surveillance cameras trained on the front door of a $700-a-month, rent-stabilized apartment occupied by a 93-year-old client battling her landlord.

Bill de Blasio  no progressive and is soon as he became mayor he became like Mike Bloomberg without the mega bucks and someways worse than Mike   --

Savagely assaulted and it also involves sexual assault  dr. Andrew Fagelman's violent attack receptionist  this took place in Soho where the 1st Precinct with Amon just like the precinct and Williamsburg fixing favors that in my case at in retaliation 

NYPD detectives openly broke the law lying  in their police reports and I posted some online proofing it along with video
 What is Bill do he protects all these crimes and he has Zachary Carter going in lie lie  lie and say the police acted within their scope when they didn't 

Please Google DrFagelman assault watch Delita Hooks not fired or arrested.  

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